Amazing Bodies

I am currently studying for a diploma in exercise referral which will enable me to deliver safe and effective fitness classes for people with a range of health conditions including high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.  As you can probably imagine, much of the course has been focused on what goes on in our bodies along with what happens when it’s not as happy as it could be.

I admit, that after 38 years of taking this amazing body of mine for granted, I’ve had a bit of a moment of crikey, what I have is really quite incredible. It has got me thinking that if I really want this wonderful machine to do all that I demand of it, both now and hopefully in years to come, then I really need to give it a bit of TLC.

It has also given me a different perspective on why I work in the fitness industry and how I can best help the people that invest their time and money into coming along to my classes. My strap line for In The Pink Fit has always been “Keep Fit For Life” and I guess that’s exactly what I want to do, help people to keep fit enough so that they can enjoy the life they so desire for as long as possible.

So whether you want to keep fit enough to maintain your independence as the years go by or have enough energy to keep up with the children or grandchildren, then do what you can to keep your amazing body in good working order. Move it regularly,  give it the fuel it needs, and in the right quantities, and maybe, just maybe, you will receive that much sought after birthday card from the Queen (or King) in a few years time and still be able to bend down to pick it up from the door mat!