Does it float your boat?

Emily Orford

I invite you to take a moment to reflect upon the different activities that you do or have done in the past to keep fit. Then think about how each one makes or made you feel. Whilst I’m hoping words such as happy, motivated, fit and strong may come to mind I have a sneaky suspicion that for some, the words boring, dull and uninspiring will pop into a few heads too.

It breaks my heart when I speak to people who have started a new activity such running or the gym only to find out that a few weeks later, they are fed up, demotivated and have given up. There is so much pressure “to exercise” that it is all too easy to turn to something that might not necessarily be right for you.

We all know that regular exercise is good for our health and well being but we have a choice over the activities that we decide to do. A friend once asked me if running was the best thing for fitness. If you want to enter a running event or generally enjoy this type of activity then yes, but if you hate the very idea and it makes your knees hurt, then probably not.

So, if you are still looking for an activity that leaves you wanting more, here are 5 tips to help put you on the right track.

1) Have a goal – sounds a little cheesy I know, but think about what it is you want to gain from the activity. Is it weight loss? improved strength and stamina? greater flexibility? Aligning your choice of activity with what you want to achieve is a good place to start

2) 1,2,3 goodbye - If you’ve given something a go on three separate occasions and are still struggling to drag yourself away from the sofa because it doesn’t really float your boat, then maybe it’s time to call it a day. HOWEVER, calling it a day is no excuse to take a break and do nothing at all, select something new and get going with it straight away.

3) Mix it up - I love fitness classes for all kinds of reasons, but every now and again I need to do something different, just to keep things interesting. If you’ve already found something that you enjoy, you can add variety by changing the time of day or days of the week that you exercise to keep things fresh.

4) Time is precious - If like most people, you have a family, busy job and only a limited number of hours in the week to commit to exercising, then even more reason to select your activity wisely. Make every minute of what you enjoyable, life is far too short to be doing things you don’t want to do.

5) Poke your head outside - Indoor activities are great for when the British climate is at its worst but spring is almost here along with the lighter mornings and evenings so make the most of this time of the year and get moving outdoors.

Emily delivers weekly group fitness classes in and around the Harleston and Diss areas and is the creator of “MAX” a unique 6 week weight loss and fitness programme