Fitness addiction

Emily Orford Every now and again someone will say to me “you’re addicted to exercise aren’t you?” I always pause for a moment before replying “umm, maybe.” I’m not sure if I’d call it an addiction, that implies all kinds of scary things, but if wanting to do more of something that makes you feel happy, healthy and strong is, then I hold both hands firmly up in the air. Granted, you never know what is around the corner, I’m sure we all know of people that have been with us all fit and healthy one day and not the next, but I like to think that I’m making the most of my good health today whilst depositing a few credits in the fitness bank account should I need to draw upon it at a later date.  I guess what I don’t do is let it rule my life. I take days off, enjoy a drink or two and a slap up meal every now and again. So am I addicted? Well probably, but I take some consolation from the fact that it could be to something much, much worse!

Emily delivers weekly group fitness classes in and around the Harleston and Diss areas and is the creator of “MAX” a unique 6 week weight loss and fitness programme