Amazing Bodies

I am currently studying for a diploma in exercise referral which will enable me to deliver safe and effective fitness classes for people with a range of health conditions including high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.  As you can probably imagine, much of the course has been focused on what goes on in our bodies along with what happens when it’s not as happy as it could be.

I admit, that after 38 years of taking this amazing body of mine for granted, I’ve had a bit of a moment of crikey, what I have is really quite incredible. It has got me thinking that if I really want this wonderful machine to do all that I demand of it, both now and hopefully in years to come, then I really need to give it a bit of TLC.

It has also given me a different perspective on why I work in the fitness industry and how I can best help the people that invest their time and money into coming along to my classes. My strap line for In The Pink Fit has always been “Keep Fit For Life” and I guess that’s exactly what I want to do, help people to keep fit enough so that they can enjoy the life they so desire for as long as possible.

So whether you want to keep fit enough to maintain your independence as the years go by or have enough energy to keep up with the children or grandchildren, then do what you can to keep your amazing body in good working order. Move it regularly,  give it the fuel it needs, and in the right quantities, and maybe, just maybe, you will receive that much sought after birthday card from the Queen (or King) in a few years time and still be able to bend down to pick it up from the door mat!


Slowly, Slowly Catchy Monkey

Emily Orford

It’s September and everyone’s attention seems to turn to getting fitter and losing weight. I’ve also noticed (no coincidence I’m sure) that there are a huge number of postings on various forms of social media displaying ridiculous statements like “I went from this to this in just 4 weeks, click here to find out my secret. ”

Call me an old misery, but nothing makes my blood boil more than reading these crazy statements. It’s hard enough as it is (from one who knows) to lose weight and keep it off without daft messages like this lulling some people into the belief that there is a secret way to lose those extra few pounds. We all know in our heart of hearts that there is no magic potion, no miraculous click here button and that it’s more a case of cutting down what we eat and opting for a more active lifestyle.

So if you’re embarking on a healthier lifestyle this Autumn, here are a few words of encouragement which might just help you out when you’re heading to the fridge.

1) Slowly, Slowly Catchy Monkey – Despite what we read, weight shouldn’t just drop off, 1-2lbs a week is a sensible amount to lose and it is more likely that you will maintain a steady weight loss at this rate. Well proven that quick weight loss just doesn’t last.

2) Eat enough – Eating too little is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You only need to reduce your calorie intake by around 400 calories a day to achieve a sensible weight loss. Your body needs enough calories to function each day and if it thinks it won’t get enough food anytime soon, it will hold on to what’s there which can slow down weight loss in the long term.

3) Learn to deal with the bad days – Ah well, you had too much wine, a cheeky takeaway, finished that tub of ice cream in the freezer, well, come on, it’s not the end of the world is it. The key however is to jump back on the wagon the next day and return to eating healthily. Ditch the “I’ll start again Monday” way of thinking, because if it’s only Wednesday, there’s a long way to go until Monday comes!

4) Take pleasure from the little things – if you have a large’ish weight loss target to achieve, pat yourself on the back for the small achievements. Don’t think about how far you have to go, think how great it feels to have looser trousers, bra’s that don’t dig in (sorry gents) and all that renewed energy.

5) Move your body – I don’t mean thrashing yourself senseless at the latest fitness class (unless that does it for you of course) but keep that body moving. Make up excuses to get up and do something, don’t try and save your legs as my mother used to say, the chances are they don’t need saving!

Good luck to all of you out there wanting to lose a few pounds. I’ve been there and know how hard it is but the end result is well worth it. If you need a bit of help, drop me a line :)




Give it a good stretch

Emily Orford

When it comes to health and fitness, much of our focus can be on cardiovascular activities i.e. those that increase heart rate, burn calories and get the blood pumping. Whilst this type of exercise brings many health benefits, it’s also good to remember that developing and maintaining good muscular flexibility is important too.

Much of our day is spent hunched up in all kinds of weird and wonderful positions which can lead to stiff backs, necks, arms and legs. Taking the time to do a few stretches will help to ease the tension and help you to maintain greater flexibility.

Top tips for keeping flexible

1) Always stretch before and after exercise. Make sure your muscles are a little warm before you start to avoid injury. Muscles “shorten” and contract when we move, so it’s good to “re-lengthen” them at the end of a session.

2) If you sit down for much of your day, build in time to stretch your legs, arms and back. Regular breaks will help to aleviate tightness.

3) Focus on stretching those muscles that are prone to tightness. If you work at a computer screen, focus on exercises that open and stretch the muscles across the chest for example. Placing your hands on the base of your spine and lifting your chest is a nice option.

4) Watching the TV? Why not sit on the floor and perform a few stretches as you go. Slowly ease into the stretch over 10-15  minutes and you will be amazed how your levels of flexibility will improve. Inner thighs and hamstring stretches are a good choice.

5) Regular massages can also do wonders for achey muscles and are great for relaxation. Don’t wait before something starts to hurt, prevention is definitely better than cure!

6) If you’re a bit of cardio fan when it comes to fitness, try to build in a little yoga, pilates or similar classes into your fitness regime. If you’re anything like me, you’ll also benefit from the relaxation part too!

In The Pink Fit runs regular holistic fitness classes, take a look at our classes page for more information.


Scare yourself silly


Some of you will know that I am currently training for my very first triathlon. It will be at Fritton Lake in June and will consist of a swim in the lake, cycle ride and all topped off with a run/jog/crawl to the finish line.

Now, I’ve always considered myself a fairly competent swimmer when I have the safety of the four pool walls around me, but it dawned on me that a swim in Fritton Lake or “Open Water Swimming” as they call it is going to be a different kettle of fish (roach, bream and pike to be more specific!)

So, just over a week ago, I embarked on my first open water swim. I toddled off early one Saturday morning down to Fritton Lake armed with my brand new wet suit, goggles and swimming hat. I had no idea where I was going, what to expect or whether in fact I could even do it, but nonetheless I went anyway.

I picked a few brains in the female changing rooms about how to get a wet suit on (no easy task let me tell you) and finally headed off to the water top to toe in rubber. The lovely safety man told me what to expect along with the fact that I had my goggles on upside down (oops!) and finally he gave me the thumbs up to go. How did it feel you ask? Well, it was scary, exhilarating and absolutely fffff….freezing cold! My first instinct was to jump out and drive home but I’m far too stubborn for that, so up and down I swam, breast stroking past the ducks who sat quietly watching amongst the reeds.

Why am I rattling on about all of this I hear you ask? Well, when I finally got out of the water and peeled the wetsuit from my red raw body, I had this sense of “I’ve only gone and blooming well done it!” a feeling which is absolutely priceless. It’s a feeling that makes you feel alive, like anything is possible and that life is there for living. My little trip to Fritton may seem small fry to some of you or a massive deal to others, but to me it was a big step and one that has spurred me on to do a few more scary things. So, if you’re sat there wanting to do something that you’ve been just too scared to do for whatever reason, then embrace the fear, get out there and do it, I guarantee it will leave you wanting more.

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Does it float your boat?

Emily Orford

I invite you to take a moment to reflect upon the different activities that you do or have done in the past to keep fit. Then think about how each one makes or made you feel. Whilst I’m hoping words such as happy, motivated, fit and strong may come to mind I have a sneaky suspicion that for some, the words boring, dull and uninspiring will pop into a few heads too.

It breaks my heart when I speak to people who have started a new activity such running or the gym only to find out that a few weeks later, they are fed up, demotivated and have given up. There is so much pressure “to exercise” that it is all too easy to turn to something that might not necessarily be right for you.

We all know that regular exercise is good for our health and well being but we have a choice over the activities that we decide to do. A friend once asked me if running was the best thing for fitness. If you want to enter a running event or generally enjoy this type of activity then yes, but if you hate the very idea and it makes your knees hurt, then probably not.

So, if you are still looking for an activity that leaves you wanting more, here are 5 tips to help put you on the right track.

1) Have a goal – sounds a little cheesy I know, but think about what it is you want to gain from the activity. Is it weight loss? improved strength and stamina? greater flexibility? Aligning your choice of activity with what you want to achieve is a good place to start

2) 1,2,3 goodbye - If you’ve given something a go on three separate occasions and are still struggling to drag yourself away from the sofa because it doesn’t really float your boat, then maybe it’s time to call it a day. HOWEVER, calling it a day is no excuse to take a break and do nothing at all, select something new and get going with it straight away.

3) Mix it up - I love fitness classes for all kinds of reasons, but every now and again I need to do something different, just to keep things interesting. If you’ve already found something that you enjoy, you can add variety by changing the time of day or days of the week that you exercise to keep things fresh.

4) Time is precious - If like most people, you have a family, busy job and only a limited number of hours in the week to commit to exercising, then even more reason to select your activity wisely. Make every minute of what you enjoyable, life is far too short to be doing things you don’t want to do.

5) Poke your head outside - Indoor activities are great for when the British climate is at its worst but spring is almost here along with the lighter mornings and evenings so make the most of this time of the year and get moving outdoors.

Emily delivers weekly group fitness classes in and around the Harleston and Diss areas and is the creator of “MAX” a unique 6 week weight loss and fitness programme

Fitness addiction

Emily Orford Every now and again someone will say to me “you’re addicted to exercise aren’t you?” I always pause for a moment before replying “umm, maybe.” I’m not sure if I’d call it an addiction, that implies all kinds of scary things, but if wanting to do more of something that makes you feel happy, healthy and strong is, then I hold both hands firmly up in the air. Granted, you never know what is around the corner, I’m sure we all know of people that have been with us all fit and healthy one day and not the next, but I like to think that I’m making the most of my good health today whilst depositing a few credits in the fitness bank account should I need to draw upon it at a later date.  I guess what I don’t do is let it rule my life. I take days off, enjoy a drink or two and a slap up meal every now and again. So am I addicted? Well probably, but I take some consolation from the fact that it could be to something much, much worse!

Emily delivers weekly group fitness classes in and around the Harleston and Diss areas and is the creator of “MAX” a unique 6 week weight loss and fitness programme